EMETH – Aethyr

Emeth - Aethyr

Emeth - Aethyr


EMETH – Aethyr (CD)

Death metal extremists, Emeth specialize in technically charged, head splitting guitar riffs, wicked low end rhythms and vocals that is sure to wake the dead from their unholy slumber.

Considering Emeth hails from Belgium, do not sound like the typical European or American death metal band due to their immense variety in music and unpredictable twists and turns. The low-end guitar and bass chops just come at you like a comet on fire, destined to pulverize anything within its path. The death metal these guys play is not overly complex nor to far fetched from being out of this world, but it is kept interesting and really holds the listeners attention through the maelstrom of chaos injected within their songs. With tracks like “I Became Flesh And Dwelleth Amongst Thee”, “Suffering Comes With Thy Name”, “Serpents Walk As If Human” kind of makes you think about the world we inhibit and the filthy attitudes that humans have towards one another. Lyrically, the songs are well thought out and written in a convincing style of manner, as it peaks your interest, it grabs your attention and leaves you begging for mercy. “Aethyr” is nothing out of the new, but it is sick and brutal and tastefully lethal the way the immense sonic torture is delivered on this ten tracker.

There are two bands that come to mind when listening to Emeth and they are early Aborted and Suffocation, so if you enjoyed the first two releases from both groups, Emeth is sure to make you melt in writing pain. They definitely have that old school guttural death metal spirit within their music.

Check it out and let the Aethyr burn your flesh off with this heinous toxicity called Emeth. [Xtreem]  Sarjoo Devani

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