ELECTRIC EARTH – Leaving For Freedom

Electric Earth - Leaving For Freedom

Electric Earth - Leaving For Freedom


ELECTRIC EARTH – Leaving For Freedom (CD)

You want kick ass hard and heavy music that’ll make you put the metal to the pedal, look no further as Electric Earth will rock you with their fist pumping and head banging music beyond the limits. “Leaving For Freedom” is excellent for driving, as the heavy power of Electric Earth’s music is sure to make you go pass the legal speed limit. “Leaving For Freedom” is an album full of many heartfelt emotions about the ups and downs in life, yet offers so much hope; you’re bound to prove the naysayers wrong with your personal triumphs. These guys definitely know how to pen positive lyrics to the point of inspiring listeners to be themselves and fight for what they believe in. Bands like Electric Earth definitely know how to make listeners feel good, and this is what makes them so unique and inspirational on this ten-tracker. Electric Earth may not be the most original of rock bands in the world, but their memorable choruses, groove-driven rhythms and a steady drumbeat makes the music full of energy and something you can kickback to. This quartet is about feeling good because that is what they do so well here.

Their sound on the album is really good, not overly produced, almost has that raw feeling to it, kind of like being at their live show. The mix is really well done as all of the instruments and singer Peter’s vocals come across very nicely. The mix is so clear, you can basically understand every word he is singing, and this is a very important quality to have for a heavy rock group along Electric Earth’s caliber.

Highly recommended if your collection of heavy and melodic rock include Kyuss, Soundgarden, Rainbow, Deep Purple and White Snake.   [Tyss Records]     Sarjoo Devani

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