El Hijo De La Aurora – The Enigma Of Evil (Experimental Doom Metal album review)

El Hijo De La Aurora-The Enigma Of Evil

El Hijo De La Aurora-The Enigma Of Evil


EL HIJO DE LA AURORA – The Enigma Of Evil

Peru’s doom metal enthusiasts El Hijo De La Aurora is bound to send evil and haunting chills down your back with their experimental doom metal.

Their music is more in the vein of early to late seventies Black Sabbath and Pentagram, but showcase more of an experimental vibe within their music. At times, “The Enigma Of Evil” comes across as sounding very hypnotic, something very weird and bizarre enough to put you into a state of trance. E.H.D.L.A.’s music is very mellow, with certain elements of doom and heavy metal, to say the least, but their songs presented here, you’d definitely have to be in the right mood to listen to this strange bastard of a recording.

My biggest complaint here is the fact that these guys sing in their native Spanish language. Since, I took Spanish 25 years ago, and did not have anyone to practice speaking with, I’ve not a clue in this band Spanish lyrics.

The CD clocks in at 42 minutes, so with seven tracks on offer, you’re more than just going to be either surprised or bored out of your mind. The music here is nothing new or even refreshing, but the tempo and the different changes contained herein, is different in itself. “The Enigma Of Evil” just has a very, very grotesque and an ugly vibe to it, kind of like entering some cavernous dungeon beneath the earth, and death hot on your heals. This is not your mother’s band, as you listen to El Hijo De La Aurora when you want to feel depressed and miserable out of your mind.

Check it out and let the mental funeral begin…      Minotauro      Sarjoo Devani

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