EdxKemper – Cut Her Head And Love Her EP (Grindcore CD review)

EdxKemper - Cut Her Head and Love Her

EdxKemper - Cut Her Head and Love Her

EdxKemper – Cut Her Head And Love Her EP

Wow, holy fucking shit, “Cut Her Head And Love Her “a ten track EP played in whopping nine minutes by grindcore lunatics EdXKemper? Yes, this is true and I am not bull shitting you, as Greece’s insane grindcore purveyors EdxKemper is sure to give you a freaking thrashing you’ll not forget anytime soon. Their style of grindcore is nothing out of the ordinary, but it is a style of grindcore long forgotten nowadays, and they’ve the balls to actually write and play this type of extreme grindcore.

“Cut Her Head And Love Her” is a ten track EP, which just races by you in a blink of an eye, yes, it is that fast and chaotic to the last chord struck on their burning axes and explosive cannons of total doom. This is the type of grindcore best listened to when you’re driving on city streets like a madman out of complete control.

Their lyrical themes range from personal struggles, politics, social issues and humanity’s egotistitical attitudes encompassing our world today.

The production on this EP is fairly good, showing the abrasive qualities within the herculean type of ferocious guitar rhythms, nuclear annihilation-type of drumming assaults and vocals that blow hot winds of Armageddon across our world. People, this is not just extreme music; it is an extinctionist type of grindcore to demoralize even the toughest of mindsets around.

These guys are not for you, if you’ve a weak mind and cannot deal with real life issues plaguing the human race. Be prepared for a complete emotional and physical breakdown when you listen to “Cut Her Head And Love Her”. Highly worth checking out for fans of Napalm Death, Phobia, Agathoclese and Unseen Terror.      Symbol Of Domination    Sarjoo Devani

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Check out the brutally twisted track "Dead And Gone", which is one of my favorite songs due to its insane heaviness and speed.

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