Educated Scum – The Chaos Complete (Grindcore album review)


Educated Scum - The Chaos Complete

Educated Scum - The Chaos Complete

Educated Scum – The Chaos Complete

Educated Scum play grindcore with so much fury and blisteringly out of control rhythms and drumming, you’ll feel as if you’ve been thrown into a blending machine for your final demise.

As painful and miserable this sounds, “The Chaos Complete” is a total act of hate against politics, religion, social ills and self centered, egotistically minded humans. Their lyrics are taken from a personal point of view about life in the Russian Federation and our chaotic world.

People, these dudes play grindcore from the heart, and it can be seen and felt on this 52 tracker. Yes, 52 cuts of smoking and total ass kicking grindcore to grind your head into the ground. After you’ve been subjected to all these songs in under an hour, you’re definitely going to want to blow your fucking brains out with a shotgun (please do not try this at home, as it is a reference to how insane Educated Scum’s chaotic grind feels like. does not endorse any suicidal acts of aggression.)

The 52 tracks are comprised of some of their songs re-recorded from 2003, also several demo selections make it here, along with several live studio versions of the professionally re-recorded songs found here. The 2003 version of the songs redone for this release sound very bestial and definitely more in the death grind vein, but their newest sound and direction is total grind at its most lethal.

“Global Suicide” definitely has a lot of the Agothaclese, Unseen Terror and Napalm Death influences, and totally obliterates the air around you at utter, bestial speeds, leaving you in the dust to ponder on the chaos in your fucked up life.

This album is highly recommended for fans of extreme death metal and grindcore, as it is bound to leave your ears up in total smoke.

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