Echoes Of Eternity – The Forgotten Goddess (Melodic Metal album review)

Echoes Of Eternity - The Forgotten Goddess

Echoes Of Eternity - The Forgotten Goddess


Echoes Of Eternity – The Forgotten Goddess reissue

I’ve never been a big fan of female fronted heavy metal bands, but Southern California’s Echoes Of Eternity changed my belief in this genre of heavy metal, with their powerfully executed metal.

“The Forgotten Goddess” takes a good two-three spins before you can really enjoy the fruits this badass band has within its songs. The nine tracks on offer have plenty of unique touches in terms of their songwriting arrangements and musical variation. The guitar rhythms are heavy yet emotionally charged, which accompany the wide range of female vocals found here, courtesy of Francine Boucher. Her singing is very melodic yet possesses a very powerful dynamic range. This vocal characteristic defines the true identity of who Echoes Of Eternity really is.

This quartet is not doing anything new or groundbreaking, but the way they present themselves as musicians and songwriters, surely speaks volumes within their songs.

The heavy guitar rhythms just hit you like a high tide generated by an oncoming storm, and then you’re soothed by the blissful and enchanting vocals, kind of like listening to a lullaby.

“Voices In A Dream” has this groove driven guitar rhythm throughout the song, and it goes so well with Francine’s lush vocals, as they fit perfectly like a glove. The atmosphere on this song make it a very interesting listen due to it dynamic shifts within the music and vocal arrangements.

Echoes Of Eternity is one band I’ll be sure to raise my fists in the air and bang my head to, as they definitely know how to fix a broken spirit.

This album is highly recommended for diehards into Evanescence, Orphanage and early The Gathering. This limited edition pressing on a golden disc, in a digipac packaging and limited to 2000 copies worldwide, is a worthy one for your CD collection of fine melodic metal.     Metal Mind Productions   Sarjoo Devani

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