DYS INBUNDEN – One With Morbidity, The Opus Misanthropy

Dys Inbunden - One With Morbidity

Dys Inbunden - One With Morbidity


DYS INBUNDEN – One With Morbidity, The Opus Misanthropy (CD)

Sweden’s black metal death squad Dys Inbunden play a very raw, blackened and primitive style of black metal, it brings to mind the early days of Satanic metal made popular by the likes of Unlord, Dawn and In Eaternum.

Their music is a collective of dark, terrifying soundscapes mixed in with the more sadistic soul decimating guitars and raspy vocals. The drumming too, provides a very doom-like atmosphere, with its almost march-like beat time keeping precision. “The Illuminating Gaze Of Lucifer” is extremely hellish, yet somber in parts, and violently splendid in its underworld rabid approach. The vocals alone bring to mind the sounds of someone dying in great agony, and the music accompanying their unholy demise…

The 13 songs on here make up for a very painful listening experience-you’ll feel as if you’re bleeding through your ears for Lucifer’s cause of the world’s end. It’s the energy, which encompasses Dys Inbunden’s unspiritual blackened satanic metal; it’s like no other, as the music definitely rips the soul to shreds. “One With Morbidity, The Opus Misanthropy” is a superb lesson in the dark arts and ill will to the peaceful stability of the human race.

As mentioned earlier, In Aeternum, Unlord and Dawn come to mind when listening to the 13 tracks of pure black metal hell on this album. Being a fan of the latter, Dys Inbunden is surely a solid competitor within black metal’s elitist ranks.

I highly recommend this album with its ultra-unorthodox hatred towards all that is religious and holy.

What the fiery depths of hell are to the devil, Dys Inbunden is to the world of unholy black metal. One listen to this album, and your skin will start to crawl from the punishing guitars and heart-pounding drumming forces found here. [Liflatinn Productions] Sarjoo Devani

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