DRAP – En Naturlig Dod

Drap - En Naturlig Dod

Drap - En Naturlig Dod


DRAP – En Naturlig Dod (CD)

Remember when bands such as Napalm Death, Doom, Agathocles, Righteous Pigs, Unseen Terror and Phobia ruled the underground grind and crust radio shows? Well, if you do, you’re in for a treat with Drap’s grindcore/crust madness.

There are a total of 11 songs featured on their debut CD “En Naturlig Dod”, and they fly through them within a span of only 25 minutes or so. Now this is pretty darn quick, I’d say, so this is why they fit the crust/grindcore category so well. My only complaint with these 11 tracks is that they’re written in their native Swedish language, but if this does not bother you, you’ll be impressed with these noise terrorists.

The sound here is pretty good, and the band comes across as if they’re attacked by a bunch of hellish demons, at the rate they’re going here. Just imagine Drap playing “En Naturlig Dod” live in its entirety, you’d be worn out from all of the slamming and stage diving. This music has the firepower for causing maximum destruction and leaving the trail of wreckage in its wake.

The down tuned guitars add plenty of darkened vibes here, giving their crust/grindcore a very apocalyptic feel in tone. This is the type of crust/grind you’d want to listen to when you beat the crap out of someone at your local bar. This is excellent brawl and fight music.

Check it out and let Drap show you why their music is so freaking ill natured in feel and approach. This is not your mother’s music, as this shit deafens the ears and paralyzes all other senses. Get ready for all out war here… [Xtreem Music] Sarjoo Devani

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