Drama/Perdition Winds (Black Metal split EP)

Drama/Perdition Winds

Drama/Perdition Winds

Drama/Perdition Winds split ep

Russian black metal trio Drama have teamed up with Finnish black metal quintet Perdition Winds to bring you three songs of blasphemous black metal that’s sure to invoke spirits of the eternally departed.

Drama, who’ve actually three full length albums and various other releases to their name, play black metal more in the vein of early Immortal, Satyricon and Celtic Frost. Finland’s Perdition Winds have an album to their credit, and recorded the track “Cult Of Cain” for this split EP, and it is raw black metal, with hints of Craft, Gorgoroth, Cirith Gorgor and Satherial, at 13 minutes of pure ungodliness ever to come from a Finnish black metal outfit.

The two cuts from Drama are more in the mid-paced tempo range, with a very darkened and sinister vibe to them, but with enough cult-like morbidity to their songs: “Create Your Death” and “Gloria Mortis”. Honestly, Drama reminded so much of early Immortal and Satyricon during their primes, with their heavy as hell, blackened guitar rhythms and raspy vocals that’s sure to send evil chills to the listener’s body. Imagine caught within the confines of an eternal hell, as you keep falling to the depths with no floor to ever stop your dreadful fall. Sounds like one of those falling nightmares, huh, well it is, and the misery of evil and melancholia only gets worse with repeated spins.

Perdition Winds has only the one song, but it is very apocalyptic-sounding, with sounds of chaos at its every turn. Imagine a labyrinth of complete despair and physical suffering, and you’ll vicariously live through this band on their “Cult Of Cain” opus. Prepare to burn and die a violent death, while you expose your mind to this savage cruelty. Satanath Records  Sarjoo Devani



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