Downes Braide Association – Suburban Ghosts (Progressive Rock album review)

Downs Braide Association - Suburban Ghosts

Downes Braide Association - Suburban Ghosts

Downes Braide Association – Suburban Ghosts

“Suburban Ghosts”, the second and latest release from Downes Braide Association is a stellar affair of intricately crafted musicianship within the progressive rock realm, but with some pop sensibilities thrown in for good measure. This 12-track album is simply out of the music world with its awe-inspiring singing and stunning display of superbly executed synthesizer and keyboard passages.

Downes Braide Association is comprised of keyboardist, synth virtuoso and songwriter Geoffrey Downes (Yes, Asia, The Buggles, Glenn Hughes, John Wetton) and singer, songwriter Christopher Braide. The duo of these two is an absolute musical ingeniousness in progressive rock songwriting of the highest order. One could imagine how much time was invested and countless hours bringing these 12 numbers here to life. This is how much all 12 songs here shine with complete brilliance, as the musical talent and proficiency found here is something special.

With one listen to the conceptual tracks “Suburban Ghosts – Parts 1 and 2” and “Suburban Ghosts – Part 3”, you’ll be convinced that Downes definitely has the drive to be the most unique synthesizer player and songwriter ever to compose prog rock songs, which are memorable and touching. You can feel his spirit radiating throughout the entire album, and the high level of energy he injects into ethereal soundscapes here is beyond human imagination. The way Downes plays his keyboards and synthesizers on this album, he could be a one-man orchestra, and this is the attitude I admire on “Suburban Ghosts”.

Singer, songwriter and programmer Christopher Braide is a very, very talented and unique singer, as his style is not only soothing, but also very positive in the way it just lightens up negative moods. He really knows how to reach out and touch the listener’s soul, which is definitely a rarity in today’s prog rock music. His programming of the drums fits the project’s musical direction and overall outwardly, upbeat momentum.

There is almost an hour’s worth of music here, and I can’t say that I have a favorite song here, as they’re all very unique in their respective ways, which is what sets apart Downes Braide Association from the many of their counterparts in the prog world. DBA’s newest release “Suburban Ghosts” requires a good listen, to be believed, as it’ll take you away somewhere totally enchanted and blissful. Cherry Red Records      Sarjoo Devani

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Check out this breathtaking song below in the form of "Machinery Of Fate", one of my favorite cuts on "Suburban Ghosts".

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