DIO – Live In London Hammersmith Apollo 1993

DIO Live In London Hammersmith Apollo 1993

DIO – Live In London Hammersmith Apollo 1993

Ronnie James Dio has always been a rock music icon, influenced countless heavy metal vocalists, will always be remembered for his down to earth demeanor, and superb talent as a singer/songwriter. He will always live on through his memorable rock and heavy metal music.

This Blu-ray is an insight to Dio’s live stage performance at one of the finest concert venues in the World, Hammersmith Apollo, in London, England, in December 1993. The quality for this concert footage for 1993 is pretty damn good, but it was done in standard definition as there was no HD back in the early nineties. If you’ve got a home theater system, you will be quite pleased with the superb sound mixing job and the surround sound quality of this almost two hour performance. During this concert footage, you will be treated to such classics as “Stand Up And Shout”, “Don’t Talk To Strangers”, “The Mob Rules”, “Children Of The Sea”, “Holy Diver”, “Heaven and Hell”, “Man On The Silver Mountain”, “The Last In Line” and “We Rock” among a few songs taken from their “Strange Highways” album, which they were promoting at the time of this show.

Having experienced Dio in a live setting, I will attest to their performance being the best it can be as Dio never gave anything less of himself and his band to his following of dedicated fans. This concert is no different in terms of their awesome stage energy and light show, as it documents accurately what one could expect at a DIO concert.

The footage of the crowd going crazy for Dio can be seen on this video and makes for an enjoyable viewing pleasure. Dio’s stellar performance only gets fueled by the crowd’s energy and creates for a truly magical experience. Seeing is-believing and hearing is-believing, and this is what Dio did best day in and day out as it was always about his music and his fans first and foremost.

You’ll also be a treated to a bonus feature here as well, an interesting and at times a wacky backstage footage of the band during this same concert, under the title of Hangin’ With The Band. You’ll see how fun and friendly these guys are offstage. Check it out and propel yourself back in time to one of Dio’s many magical moments in the form of “Dio Live In London Hammersmith Apollo 1993”. Highly worth checking out if you’ve always enjoyed anything from Ronnie James Dio. [Eagle Rock]    Sarjoo Devani

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