Diabolus Arcanium – Path of Ascension (Black Metal album review)

Diabolus Arcanium - Path Of Ascension

Diabolus Arcanium - Path Of Ascension


Diabolus Arcanium – Path Of Ascension

Wow – this demonic quintet hail from the Indian state known for its IT call centers and IIT graduate nerds running the tech show: Chennai.

Diabolus Arcanium has engaged in a bloody pact with the devil, by playing a symphonic and atmospheric black metal that invokes the lost of souls of a thousand years passed. The beautifully played guitar riffs and harmonies are complemented by haunting, orchestral-sounding synthesizers creating images of a skeletal orchestra playing to Lucifer’s hymns of those condemned to the fiery pits of hell.

“Ascension” sounds like it could’ve been taken from a medieval movie like Excalibur, with its orchestral synth arrangements and battle-ready, razor sharp guitars and drumming as lethal as war cannons.

“Of Fire And Ashes” is my favorite whore sacrificing cut here, with its Harry Potter-esque cinematic orchestral passages tied with it earth sodomizing raspy vokills, and triumphant sounding guitar rhythms and drumming arrangements that’s sure to fucking melt your spirit. This song is very catchy and reminds me of a Knight running through darkened and dank dungeons of the dead, with his treasures of the book of the damned.

What makes “Path Of Ascension” a hit for me, is that it is very epic sounding yet so heavy and passionately fucking brutal to every note executed. “Spiritual Entropy” features these awesome elements, while keeping the listener’s attention hostage and then smashing the motherfucker’s head in with a solid steel axe.

Some of the killer bands that come to mind here, would be Dimmu Borgir, early, early Cradle Of Filth, Immortal and Bal-Sagoth with its orchestral and victorious themes.

This album from Diabolus Arcanium is highly recommended for all fans of black and symphonic black metal, as it is not only dark in mood but also ultra wicked in its delivery of the songs found here.

Chennai, India will never be the same with Diabolus Arcanium, as the IT industry will fall to its knees and worship the “Path Of Ascension”. Transcending Obscurity Sarjoo Devani



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