DIABOLIC – Mausoleum Of The Unholy Ghost

Diabolic - Mausoleum Of The Unholy Ghost


Diabolic - Mausoleum Of The Unholy Ghost

"Wow, unholy shit", were the first few words that came out of my mouth when I first heard the finished version of "Mausoleum Of The Unholy Ghost". I was lucky enough to check out some rough mixes of this album, and I was surprised then, but with this final product I was simply blown away.

Opening cut, "Atmosphere Of Dread" features some Possessed and Morbid Angel-esque guitar rhythms and leads, and just splits your cranium into two with drummer Aantar Coates' demonically pulsating drumming tactics. Vocalist Paul sounds fucking brutal as ever, and just engulfs the listener's soul with his bestial screams of visceral, morbid torture.

"Raped Of All Sacred" is as sickeningly blasphemous as the name suggests, and is just horrific as track number 1. The speed on this song is just pure perversity with its murderous riffs and explosive double bass and snare abuses. There are a few slow to mid-paced parts on this song, which only gives it a haunting feel.

"Useless Savior" is another song with its heavy Possessed influences, reminding of their "Seven Churches" album, which is an underground cult classic to this day. This bitch definitely rains hell's flames of unrelenting death and eternal misery upon your "Useless Savior".

The machine-gun like snare attacks on the title track "Mausoleum Of The Unholy Ghost" only beefs up the wickedly sounding guitars and seance-like growls to give a feeling of an imprecation of the damned gone astray. I'd listen to this song when you're having your tarot cards read out aloud, just to get some ill-natured spirits and ghosts howling in a fury of utter despair. 

"Insanity Mastered" is an interesting number with it's weird yet heavy as fuck guitar rhythms and leads suffocating the life out of you. The thunderous drumming barrage and tremolo fueled guitar leads definitely cuts through the flesh here. 

"Infamous Legacy", "Passageway To Enchantment" and last track "Spoken Spite" round out this devilish album with some of the finest, evil sounding death metal to ever come from the bottomless pits of the abyss, in other words known as Tampa, Florida.

Fans of old school death metal, get ready to sell your soul to Diabolic, as you've now been confined to their Mausoleum of The Unholy Ghost.    This album is a 10 out of 10, enough said.        Tentacles Industries  

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