DIABOLIC – City Of The Dead

Diabolic - City of the Dead

DIABOLIC – City Of The Dead - Vinyl review

Diabolic has reissued three songs from their “City Of The Dead” demo from 1997 along with three never before released studio cuts along with two cover songs: Slayer’s “Gemini” and Morbid Angel’s “Visions From The Dark Side”, which are ghoulishly done in the Diabolic way. This vinyl release is also called “City Of The Dead”, and it is a solid and brutal representation of Diabolic’s humble beginnings as an old school death metal band with that cryptic/ancient feeling of total darkness and anti-religious themes. Aantar’s drumming on the eight tracks here is 110% blasphemous and wickedly executed for your total headbanging pleasure. The other members of the band are just as tight, hellishly sick and insanely twisted. The vocals alone on “City Of The Dead” will make you cough up that Satanic Ceremonial Blood you drank during lastnight’s human sacrifice.

For fans of old school death metal music along the lines of Morbid Angel, Incantation, Death, Autopsy and Malevolent Creation, Diabolic will satisfy your blood thirst on this eight tracks of total abomination and sonic debauchery at its finest. Mind you, Diabolic is the true essence of all that is dark, sinister and evil in spirit. You want killer heavy metal music but with more of a brutal vibe and sounds of extreme metal played and constructed at its very best, give Diabolic a shot, and you will die a bloody death. And the vinyl version, which I got for review is excellently packaged with a B&W poster of the band/album artwork and a light gray/black splattered record, plus you get the lyrics to their songs on the sleeve. Check it out and may your tortured soul enter the city of the dead where you will be taken to die, need I say more?   [Repulsive Echo]       Sarjoo Devani


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