Destroying The Devoid – Paramnesia (Progressive Death Metal album review)

Destroying The Devoid - Paramnesia

Destroying The Devoid - Paramnesia

Destroying The Devoid – Paramnesia

Whoa!!! This was my first initial reaction listening to Destroying The Devoid’s “Paramnesia” debut CD, with its progressively influenced guitar harmonies, cinematic arrangements incorporated within the senseless death metal brutality found here.

The seven tracks of atmospheric, melodic, symphonic, mind soothing guitar harmonies among the incinerating double bass drum and snare assaults make for a very unique listening experience. The death metal growl vocals are truly sick and demonic, indeed, and give the songs here so much variation within their respective arrangements.

Destroying The Devoid do not sound like your typical American, dime a dozen Suffocation, Deeds of Flesh and Immolation clones, which is a very BIG PLUS… Yes, this band is heavy and ultra extreme throughout the seven prime cuts found here, but they’re interestingly put together, with heavy atmosphere lending to so much emotion, where tears want to fall from your eyes. Craig Peters, the sole brains behind this album and band (also in Deeds Of Flesh) has done an outstanding job putting together songs that fall into the thinking person’s category yet can bring a huge burst of excitement to diehard death metal freaks. Imagine the atmospheric darkness, symphonic parts of Augury meets the superbly classically crafted musicianship of progressive metallers Adagio, with a sprinkle of Cynic thrown in for good measure.

A lot of awesome things can be said about Destroying The Devoid, but you definitely do not know what you’re missing until your auditory organs have been violated. Highly recommended.   Unique Leader Records   Sarjoo Devani

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Check out the progressively sickening track "The Endless Cycles Of Lunacy", which is one of the standout tracks here due to its high speed intensity and touches of electic musical moments.

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