Desolator – Spawn Of Misanthropy EP (Death Metal CD review)

Desolator - Spawn Of Misanthropy

Desolator - Spawn Of Misanthropy

Desolator – Spawn Of Misanthropy EP

Old school death metal has always been one of my favorite extreme styles of metal due to its bestial and fiery energy, and Sweden’s Desolator possess all of these ungodly death metal qualities. I’m certainly in death metal hell with this one!

Desolator’s latest EP “Spawn Of Misanthropy” is four slabs of heavy, ultra brutal, old school death metal with interestingly spawned guitar riffs and rhythms that suffocate the soul out of the listener. The drumming comes at you like a steamroller with steel tempered spikes dripping with fresh blood of human maggots.

The last track “Dark Epitaph” is an eight minute affair with emotionally fueled guitar harmonies, heart thumping rhythms, skull thrashing drumming, and growl vocals monstrous enough to make hell’s fires freeze over.

The clean, and at times raw production of this four track EP also brings out the brutally hellish vibes of the music featured here. The sound production and mix gives “Spawn Of Misanthropy” a lively feel yet packs in tons of heavy as fuck musical and vocal passages that make you feel as if you’re caught in Desolator’s unreal nightmare of torture and terror.

And the cover artwork of a ghastly-looking creature with a dozen ribbed and sharp tentacles raising hell while killing all life makes this one of the darkest and horrific CD covers to come from a European death metal band in ages. This art is very brilliantly done and fits Desolator’s deadly metal really good.

Desolator is sure to appeal to diehard maniacs of Immolation, Deicide, Dismember, My Own Grave and Grave. Desolator may not be reinventing the death metal wheel, but they’ve definitely the balls to write a style of death metal long forgotten and bring it to forefront again, where it belongs. Highly worth your ears bleeding on this one, so check it out and die screaming.   Sarjoo Devani

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Here is a brutally darkened lyrical video for the song "Illusions Of Grandeur", which is one of my favorite cuts here.


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