DESOLATE SHRINE – The Heart Of The Netherworld

Desolate Shrine - The Heart Of The Netherworld

Desolate Shrine - The Heart Of The Netherworld


DESOLATE SHRINE – The Heart Of The Netherworld (CD)

Finnish blackened death metal stalwarts Desolate Shrine play twisted, Satanic, anti-Christian blend of extreme metal that is sure to sodomize Jesus in his grave.

“The Heart Of The Netherworld” is not only a superb display of solid musicianship, but so rich in atmosphere and pain, it makes hell feel so close. This is the album that the devil requested be played while Jesus Christ was raped upon the cross for all to see in grand splendor. I love the fact that all seven songs on here have something negative to point out about religion and its fucked up followers the world over. Desolate Shrine exposes the hypocrisies of Christianity and it’s false teachings. Their lyrics are more blasphemous than blasphemy ever could be, and desecrates all that is holy.

There is 63 minutes worth of material on here, with “We Dawn Anew” clocking in at a killer 14 minutes and 40 seconds. This song in particular has slow, doom-ridden passages mixed with the more aggressive and heavy artillery poundings of a war cannon. The vocals on this song cry the misery that we all long for when we go off to battle against all religious bastards of society. This epic track of proportions leaves you feeling victorious with blood upon your hands after you’ve just decimated the enemy of darkness, the light of the holy.

I just love the elusive and mind shattering darkness Desolate Shrine create on this seven-track hell of total onslaught and perversion.

This is how blackened death metal should to be played, with total focus and a commitment to the dark side of the world below your feet. Let the unholy fires of hell consume your impure flesh inside out. People, it does not get any underground sounding than this, as Desolate Shrine burn with total brilliance here. [Dark Decent] Sarjoo Devani

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