DEREK SHERINIAN – Molecular Heinosity

Derek Sherinian-Molecular Heinosity

DEREK SHERINIAN – Molecular Heinosity

“Molecular Heinosity” is the 5th installment in Derek Sherinian’s solo saga, and by far his most memorable, with the unique Planet X influences (his other project) and the eerie atmosphere his synth playing creates. The nice thing about Derek is the fact that he can generate many out of this world sounds with his killer synth/keyboard rig, which is where it brings us to “Molecular Heinosity”, the album that defies all musical odds and offers something totally refreshing.

With heavy guitar and synth driven instrumental like “Antarctica” you feel as if you’re some terrestrial world beyond the galaxies into the further reaches of space. This is one is a total hit, especially if you’re into tripped out instrumentals.

Then on the other spectrum of all things musical, you’ll be trested to shred guitar playing, courtesy of Rusty Cooley, on the high octane and ultra combustible sounds of “Frozen By Fire”. This one has that speed metal adrenaline rushing through its veins, and sure to get your fists in the air and headbanging at uncontrollable speeds, ya!!!

“The Lone Spaniard” is a great emotionally charge number with its awe-inspiring guitar riffs, hooks, Derek’s interesting piano playing backed up by a tastefully constructed cello (Tina Guo) arrangement, which definitely separates this song from the others.

Again, Zakk Wylde lends his vocals talents on the spiraling, séance-like “So Far Gone”, and he also kicks ass with this singing here as well. The symphonic-like synth interludes in the mid part of the song breaks things up and sets the mood up for some killer shred snyth and guitar chops. Man, Derek, how the hell do you do it?

All in all, “Molecular Heinosity” is a strong and solid combination of shred guitar, metal, groove driven hard rock music and even slight hints of jazz and prog rock of the highest order. Every track on this nine tracker delivers the musical goods of excellent song creation and execution, as there is not one dull moment to be found here. [Armoury] Sarjoo Devani

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