DEREK SHERINIAN – Inertia (reissue)

Derek Sherinian

Wow. This is what I said when I put this disc into my player after almost 13 years, and I am very happy that it is reissued by Armoury Records, as “Inertia” paved the way forward for all of Derek’s solo releases hereafter.

Derek by all accounts is probably one of the most unique and talented keyboard and synth players, as it can be felt in the emotions he conveys through his magical playing and musical know how. What makes “Inertia” interesting as well as his other solo albums after this one, is the fact, he unleashes his best talents when accompanied by talented musicians such as Steve Lukather, Zakk Wylde, Simon Phillips and Tony Franklin, who also contributed their own musical talents on this album. With the music brewing with so much passion and radiance throughout “Inertia”, the listener cannot help but delve deeper and deeper into a meditative state Sherinian emanates from his keys here. Mark my words – you will be thrown into a state of total comfort and bliss with the positive energy found here.

With this CD being reissued, there are no bonus tracks, but some interesting liner notes from Simon Phillips, Steve Lukather, and Derek himself explaining the experience of playing with such talented and well versed musicians. This alone also gives a lot of insight into “Inertia’s” creation into to something so memorable. This album was originally released in 2001, but the topnotch playing and the studio production is a true testament that this album is still a timeless classic in 2014. Writing about “Inertia” does not do it great justice, experience it for yourself, and you will understand what I am getting at… [Armoury]  Sarjoo Devani


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