DEREK SHERINIAN – Blood Of The Snake

Derek Sherinian - Blood Of The Snake

DEREK SHERINIAN – Blood Of The Snake

The fourth installment in Derek Sherinian’s solo project comes in the form of “Blood Of The Snake”, which is more upbeat in style and even farther displays Sherinian’s diverse songwriting approach and synthesizer antics.

Sherinian’s fingers move fluidly like the dance moves found on the 1978 movie Saturday Night Fever, on the memorable and jazzy influenced “Phantom Shuffle”. The title track, “Blood Of The Snake”, features everything from wicked guitar wizardry, solid drumming-grooves to a lot of stealth synthesizer workouts, phewwww!

“Man With No Name” is a superb song with Zakk Wylde doing the lead vocals, and man does he sing his heart out here, with passion that you will feel… I just love the way he sings on this track as it also pumps you up with the ultimate energy in taking on this crazy world...

“On The Moon” is another kick ass song with its awesome alto saxophone stylisms, feel good melodic guitar leads, and an overall positive vibe. This is the perfect evening tune playing in the background with that someone special during your candlelight outing.

The cool remake of “In The Summertime”, which features Billy Idol and Slash is a rockin’ tune with that old time Mississippi Delta Blues feel, and kind of reminds me of Muddy Water’s during his prime but with more of a modern touch, of course.

Besides the superb synthesizer playing skills and songwriting, arrangements, it is Sherinian’s vision of what his music should sound like when it comes to committing his material to tape, as it sounds so damn good. The mixing, production and mastering is of first class quality, with no flaws to be heard anywhere. I love Derek’s playing as he knows how make me feel good and liven my spirits when I am feeling blah. I am very grateful to have known his music and met him personally as he is a total class act, no ego, and professionalism of the highest caliber. And just like his previous three solo releases before this one, there are a whole host of quality session musicians (Zakk Wylde, John Petrucci, Yngwie Malmsteen, Brad Gillis, Tony Franklin, and Simon Phillips to name a few) contributing their talents on this CD. Excellent stuff!       [Armoury]            Sarjoo Devani

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