Deranged – Struck By A Murderous Siege (Death Metal album review)



Deranged – Struck By A Murderous Siege

Swedish old school death metal veterans Deranged are back with their newest slab of blood gushing death metal in five years, and this album is a back to basics brutality.

“Struck By A Murderous Siege” is an onslaught of low-end growls, groove-powered guitar and bass rhythms, skull crushing drum assaults, and a wicked hack to the neck with their violent sonic drudgery. The vocals are more reminiscent of Six Feet Under and Cannibal Corpse, but Deranged is definitely hell bent on creating chilling vibes with their bestial musical torture.

“Toy Box Torture Chamber” is more in the vein of something that Cannibal Corpse would write, but this song brings to mind images of horror-laden movies with some of the bloodiest scenes ever to violate a movie screen. The down tuned guitar tunings here are sure to make your innards collapse in complete disgust, while you suffocate in your own blood flood. This shit is real, and the reality of impending murder makes this eight tracker a vicious listen. You will be slaughtered, like an animal, as Deranged is going to gut you like a pig condemned to a slaughterhouse. Death shall certainly be your unholy savior here, and a sea of red is what you’ll drown in.

The groove elements found here separate them from rest of the death metal heard, as their rhythms are heavy as hell, and drill their way into your brains without any mercy.

There are some technical parts to Deranged’s music, but not to the point that their guitar playing is over the average death metal listener’s head. However, they know how to spice up their songs with unsuspecting twist and turns, mixed in with the heavy to mid-paced blows.

Founder and drummer, Rikard Wermen has surely kept Deranged alive for 25 years, and “Struck By A Murderous Siege” just shows how far he and his death metal mob have come, and this time they’re going to kill you in cold blood.    Agonia Records    Sarjoo Devani

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