Deos – In Nomine Romae (Symphonic Italian Death Metal album)

Deos - In Nomine Romae

Deos - In Nomine Romae

Deos is an Italian quintet specializing in symphonic death metal with an old school edge, on their debut CD “In Nomine Romae”, which is loaded with tons of synthesizer and orchestral driven atmospheres.

Listening to movie-inspired soundtrack-like songs as in “Memento Mori” and the slow and depressive “Laudatio Funebris” brings chills of a cold winter’s night. Their music conjures up images of bloody, tireless battles fought on Italian landscapes, with the Roman Empire crushing it enemies in a mighty blow.

Musically, “In Nomine Romae” is a strong collection of heavy metal, death metal, symphonic/classical-inspired music, and vocals with plenty of sinister-sounding growls, which sound very demonic. The orchestral passages add a very interesting backdrop to Deos’ atmospheric death metal, and really gives it an eerie feeling not heard in this style of music in a very long time. There are also moments of My Dying Bride, early Paradise Lost and even early Crematory on this CD.

The music overall is very epic in style and sound, and makes you feel apart of the bloody landscapes this eight track CD brings to mind. The songwriting and musicianship is very tastefully laid out, with plenty of interesting changes and tempo shifts, and these few aspects only add more depth to the songs found on Deos’ latest album “In Nomine Romae”.

My only complaint on this album is the drums sounding like a Cracker Jack kit, too thin in places, and the bass drum being hardly audible due to the shitty production of the drums. If the drums had a much fuller sound; this record would’ve sounded even sicker and more brutally epic for sure.

Despite the fucked up and shitty sounding drums, Deos just might blow the Roman Empire to oblivion here with its overall death metal fury and rawness.   Buil2Kill    Sarjoo Devani

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