Demented Ted – Promises Impure (Modern Death Metal album review)

Demented Ted - Promises Impure

Demented Ted - Promises Impure

Demented Ted – Promises Impure re-issue

Chicago, Illinois’ death metal quartet Demented Ted were quite a force to be reckoned within the death metal world, back in the early nineties, especially with their release “Promises Impure”.

Unfortunately, this album was their only brutal death metal release under the name of Demented Ted, and the vicious style, which was found on this CD was phenomenal.

Now, after 23 years, this groundbreaking death metal classic has been re-issued from the cobweb-ridden casket of its freshly dug up grave. This reissued version does not feature any demos or bonus tracks, just the eight songs, which were featured on the original release on Pavement Music.

The guitars come at the listener like poisonous tribal arrows destined to annihilate the spirit within your wretched human shell. The drumming is sharp, with plenty of variation between rapid snare attacks, blast beats and tempo changes to leave your head spinning in an uncontrollable manner. The rhythms, in general just smack the living crap out of you, while you’re fighting to get back out of the hideous coma its left you in, to begin with.

“Existence Lies Beneath” flattens anything in its way with its tank-like guitar firepower and the drumming comes off like landmines going off in your head without any reason. The unsightly vibrations coming from this song are potent enough to knock you dead on the floor.

My favorite aspect on the entire record has to be the vocals, as they sound semi-guttural, but brutally sick and understandable, oh yeah! Simply put, the vocals are as nasty and demonic as death metal vocals could ever get without sounding distorted beyond recognition.

However, after the release of this album, Demented Ted changed their name to Beyond, and went for more of a heavy metallic industrial sound, which just was not the same in energy and the death metal brutality found on their debut “Promises Impure”.

This album is highly worth checking out, especially seeing it will only be released in a limited quantity of 500, with a pull out poster. Very brutal yet musically awesome in all aspects…

Repulsive Echo Records  Sarjoo Devani

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