DECIMATION – Reign Of Ungodly Creation

Decimation - Reign Of Ungodly Creation

Decimation - Reign Of Ungodly Creation


DECIMATION – Reign Of Ungodly Creation (CD)

Take the cryptic-looking Dan Seagrave created album artwork along with Decimation’s brutal, guttural death metal, and you’ll see just why the vicious onslaught of rabid guitar and drumming makes this band so sick.

Decimation is heavily influenced by a killer mixture of Suffocation, Cannibal Corpse, Immolation and many others from today’s genre of brutal death metal bands. However, these Turks take their extreme death metal a step further, with intricately crafted riffs creating huge waves of sound pulses that you’ll not forget anytime soon. As a band, this bunch is tight, as they keep things interesting for the listener, song after song with their fat rhythms blended in with an interesting style of keeping their blunt force trauma percussive style sour and to the point. Imagine getting a crippling stomachache after a salmonella-tainted meal, and you’ll start to feel that lethal blow to the gut. Salmonella equals total decimation – get the idea? “Reign Of Ungodly Creation” is not only forceful with its ungodly brutality but also tastefully immersive in its abyss-like wall of sound. You can only imagine the twisted misery Decimation invokes with their aural sickness.

My only complaint here is, their mythical song titles of the Turkish underworld are too long, such as “Supreme Wisdom of Blasphemy in the Reign of Ungodly Creation”, so unless you’re part of the band you’re not going to remember these song titles, but then again, who is keeping not of song titles, ha-ha. Their song titles, though did remind me of Bal-Sagoth’s long ass song names. Check it out and let Decimation pound you into fragments of flesh. [Comatose Music]   Sarjoo Devani

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