DECAYED – Into The Depths Of Hell

Decayed - Into The Depths Of Hell

Decayed - Into The Depths Of Hell


DECAYED – Into The Depths Of Hell (CD)

Remember the good old days of black metal music, when bands like Gorgoroth, Blasphemy and Darkthrone were the elitist heavyweights in the genre? Glad you’re having flashbacks of that time period, as Decayed will take you back to that time when burning in hell felt so damn good.

“Into The Depths Of Hell” is truly an evil work of the dark arts, with horrid, raspy vocal assaults, bestial-sounding guitars, and the drums sounding like the drums of war in the abyss. It is the band’s music, which has that ancient feel to it, and just brings shivers and chills to the hair on your back. The aural and darkened chaos found on this ten tracker is a true testament that black metal can still sound black metal without being overproduced and polished. Decayed has a thirst to keep their music dark, sinister in vibe and raw in feel, which is highly respected.

These guys have been at it for 25 years, which definitely says a lot about this group’s dedication to the devil and his cronies the world over. This attitude of commitment and staying true to what they believe in definitely stands out in their songwriting here.

“Winged Beasts” is fired from Decayed’s fiery cannons and comes at the listener like a hellish monster on a death trip with its rabid guitar passages and slayer-esque leads. This song is full of plenty of hatred for all that stands for good, and it shows within the song’s firepower…

“Di Manes” is a slower and darker song, but the agony you’ll feel on this one, you’ll start believing that you’re really trapped in hell. I can only imagine what it would feel like being trapped in hell, but these guys can somehow experience it and put into a song, wow!

Decayed is surely not one of those black metal bands, which follow current trends, as they do what they please, and that is to play black metal at its rawest level. [Hellprod Records] Sarjoo Devani

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