DEATHCRAEFT – On Human Devolution (Extreme Metal CD)

Deathcraeft - On Human Devolution


Deathcraeft - On Human Devolution

Athens, Greece's head splitting, extremists Deathcraeft play an awesome blend of death, thrash and black metal with atmospheric synthesizer arrangements that'll leave you feeling devoid of any life. The conceptual lyrics based on H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu gives the eight cuts on this 48 minute soul shattering album a lesson in all of life's brutal and cold realities. 

Starting track "The Ritual" just takes the listener by an unseen violent force, throws him/her on the floor, and just pummels their face with ultra bestial guitar rhythms, explosive drumming parts, and death/thrash inspired vocals. The eerie synthesizers on this cut leaves you cold and feeling completely numb while you writhe in utter suffering.

"Spreading Lies" probably has the most haunting synth sounds on it, and the music on this song is darkened with a hellish blow to your visual and auditory senses. If this song was a little slower, it could've been something that would've been within the My Dying Bride style of doom/death metal.

I love the darkened and doom synthesizer influences on this album, as it makes "On Human Devolution" that more interesting to listen to. Their technical songwriting elements also adds more fuel to the fire Deathcraeft has created on this soul sodomizing release.

"Survival" has the guitar complexities within their lead and riffing passages, which are somewhat similar to something off of  Nocturnus's "The Key" album, which in its own right was a groundbreaking release in the late eighties.

Deathcraeft's music is definitely head-fuckingly brutal but all of the layered synth and eerie riff passages gives this album a fire that's sure to melt your face off. The vocals go from a freaky, scary, devilish emotion to something very monstrous from the depths of hell.

"Daydreaming In The Abyss" is a perfect example of darkened and doom-driven vibes Deathcraeft can unleash upon the listener at a moments notice, and this is a huge plus.

These dudes are very unpredictable, and this aspect alone makes "On Human Devolution" such a flesh scorching treat indeed. There is not one dull moment to be found on this release, and the conceptual lyrical plot in Deathcraeft's songs only sicken as you listen to the album repeatedly.  Sarjoo Devani 

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