Death Dies – Legione (Black metal album review)

Death Dies - Legione

Death Dies - Legione

Death Dies – Legione

“Legione” is an album comprised of old school black metal from the former Death Dies’ members’ band Evol from the early to mid-nineties, and a cut from one of their side bands: Satanel.

Musically, it’s a weird and a tripped out blend of Mayhem, Immortal and Marduk, but not as brutally sick and heavy. This album features tracks from few of the members former bands: Evol and Satanel, which unfortunately do not do anything for me, as this style of raw and primitive black metal was perfected by the likes of Immortal, Mayhem, Marduk and Enslaved back in the early nineties. “Legione” does have some fast paced numbers, but it is there bland rhythm sections and the rehashed riffs played from early Sodom albums, which just drag on and on. Despite the lack of any creativity found here, the album does have a dark aura around it, which makes for a so-so listening experience.

Personally, the Evol songs on this album are much heavier in style and direction compared to that of the boring as fuck cuts on “Death Dies’” five cuts featured on this album. The production is okay, kind of thin and muddy in places, but this aspect gives the songs a more underground, tape-trading feel to them.

The fast to mid-paced flow of the songs here give it some sort of variety, but there is no spark of excitement within the songs written here. Maybe it’s my tastes or the band just does not care about their audiences.

If you want some serious soul blazing, anti-religious metal, then look no farther than early Mayhem, Emperor, Samael and Marduk, as these guys will blow the skin of off your corpse. Death Dies is definitely not my cup of black metal, as it is nothing out of the ordinary. Black Tears Of Death   Sarjoo Devani

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