DEATH ANGEL – The Dream Calls For Blood

Death Angel

Besides Testament and Exodus, Death Angel is the only other San Francisco Bay Area thrash metal band I have been following since their return to the fore in 2001 as they’ve stuck with their guns and continued to write good quality thrash metal. However, “The Dream Calls For Blood” is definitely a return to form for Death Angel as this album takes the best musical elements from “The Ultra Violence” and mixes them up with “Frolic Through The Park”, which is a stern contrast to their last three Nuclear Blast releases, which were not bad at all, but this album goes back to their humble thrash metal roots.

From the rampant, sonic guitar and drum assault of the opening track “Left For Dead”, you’re subjected to singer Mark Osegueda’s twisted vocal insanity, and this is pretty much the blue print for the mental hell you’re subjected to on the 11 tracks featured here. Death Angel has truly grown as a musical entity delivering plenty of refreshing ideas all the while keeping their songs heavy and packed with tons of unique emotions to leave the listener feeling every bit of it.

I love the way the songs and energy flow on “The Dream Calls For Blood” as it all creates such a fluid unity not only amongst the band members but also within their songs, which only adds much depth to the individual aural pictures these guys paint with their instruments. There are many fine details to this quintet’s style of songwriting, which can be noticed with a keen ear for well-structured and complex arrangements.

“The Dream Calls For Blood” was produced by producer Jason Suecof (Audio Hammer Studios) along with lead guitarist Rob Cavestany, and the end results give Death Angel’s sound a very solid feel with a nice punch to the gut. It does sound pretty violent and painful, but this record is a precise and direct hit to the listener’s five senses.

Also, as a bonus you get a killer and somewhat of a thrashed out rendition of Black Sabbath’s “Heaven And Hell”, which will surely rock your world.

Also included on this digipac edition is a DVD: The Making of “The Dream Calls For Blood” documovie, which I really thought was a great addition as it shows the band’s trials and tribulations during the recording and production of this CD. It is 45 minutes in length and definitely complements what you will hear on this quintet’s best CD since “Frolic Through The Park”. Excellent. [Nuclear Blast]  Sarjoo Devani


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