DEAD INFECTION – Brain Corrosion (Goregrind album review)

Dead Infection - Brain Corrosion

Dead Infection - Brain Corrosion

It'll only take you just one fucking listen to Dead Infection's "Brain Corrosion" CD before your body and senses start to crumble and fall to the ground you stand on.

The explicitly sick, twisted and perverted goregrind found on this 23 track album is nothing but a fury of anger, fear and extreme brutality taken to a whole new level for a goregrind band. Believe me, chaotic and flesh seering death/grind found here is more potent than a nuclear warhead packed with tons of radiation. "Brain Corrosion" is all out blistering war upon your frail senses and weak emotions.

The heavily downtuned guitars add more psychotic episodes to an already punishing listening experience here, and is beyond human comprehension the morbid shit this band talks about within their songs.

One element, which makes this band so stand-offish is the rawness found within their songs, which I really dig, as unfiltered and unprocessed music really comes across deadly. "Rich Zombie" is a killer example of this raw sound, which violently digs up your corpse from a shallow grave, and just mutilates your rotting flesh with pulsating drum workouts and razor sharp guitar rhythms. The vocals sound like someone throwing up lastnight's dinner throughout this whole CD.

The digipack packaging is pretty good, with a 3-panel design, featuring B&W photos of the band in all their goregrind glory and madness. The mutilated album over of someone poor fellow's face, and other disease-like bacterial artwork is sure to make you puke your ass off.

Keep in mind, Dead Infection is not for the faint at heart, as this shit will make you have tormenting nightmares for months on end. Check this slab of burning flesh out, and feel the heat slowly crawl down your back leaving you to burn in total disgust.

SelfMadeGod Records        Sarjoo Devani

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