Dead End – Reborn From The Ancient Grave (Death metal CD review)

Dead End - Reborn From The Ancient Grave

Dead End - Reborn From The Ancient Grave

Dead End – Reborn From The Ancient Grave

Dutch old school death metal band Dead End is back with their newest record, “Reborn From The Ancient Grave”, which simply robs your body of its soul, with its convincing and chilling guitars and growl vocals, is sure to make any listener tremble with consternation.

These guys play old school death metal with mid-tempo drumming, yet include depressive and doom-laden parts like early Anathema and Paradise Lost, which makes for an interesting listen. One minute you’re stage diving and thrashing like a lunatic, the next moment, you’re attending a candlelight vigil for your own funeral. Now this is what I call bone chilling and nerve wrecking death metal with moments of doom metal in places you’d least expect it.

“Trail Of Despair” has that downtuned, grinding guitar parts along with the attacking drum arrangements, more in the vein of Asphyx’s “The Rack” album. There are also some killer melancholic influences from the likes of early Anathema, Paradise Lost and The Blood Divine. Mea Culpa is a great example of the above mentioned doom metal bands.

Considering Dead End started in 1988 and then disbanded for a good two dozen years so, and made a strong comeback in 2014, it is good to hear a band of Dead End’s caliber not lose any of their fire. These guys sound even better as a band and accomplished songwriters today due to their time away, and the right attitude to pen some punishingly miserable moments on “Reborn From The Ancient Grave”.

These dudes have a lot of power and heaviness within their songs, and this element is what makes them so wickedly potent here. This is some pretty good old school death metal with traces of doom metal thrown in for good measure. Vic Records   Sarjoo Devani

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