Dead Asylum – Death Always Wins (Death Metal album review)



Dead Asylum - Death Always Wins

Dead Asylum is a quartet, which hails from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and they play a melodic blend of old school and modern death metal, that’s sure to kick you in the guts and leave you for dead.
This band has plenty of catchy hooks and rhythms that will make you mosh like a maniac on a wild acid trip. Their rhythms are heavy, weigh more than a ton of cinder blocks, and just hits you in the face at unsuspecting speeds, literally paralyzing all of your senses. This band also features within its ranks a female drummer (Samantha Landa), and she definitely knows how to throw down some wicked-ass sounding double bass assaults, choppy snare and bass drum passages to get the listener all bruised up inside and out. Man, talk about getting mentally scarred for life, “Death Always Wins” just does this and more to the human psyche.
“Inmate 666”, with its drumming and guitar arrangements has tons of Slayer-esque influences, and the groove powered bass lick in the beginning few minutes of the song is brilliantly played.
Imagine a hybrid of early Slayer, Gorguts and Kataklysm, and Dead Asylum will drive you insane to the point of no return, emotionally speaking that is.
With just eight songs blasting their way through the sound spectrum, 31 minutes on this album goes by very quickly, and leaves the listener in a state of death metal withdrawals, haha.
I enjoyed listening to Dead Asylum’s “Death Always Wins”, as it is a solid debut album, nothing that has not been done before, but it’s heavy, murderous and very dark in feel, so it is highly worth checking out. I would love to hear more out of this world and daring parts within the music and vocals on their next record. You can visit the band @:    Sarjoo Devani

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