DARK MAN SHADOW – Victims Of Negligence

Dark Man Shadow

Reviewing an eclectic and an extreme metal CD such as Dark Man Shadow’s “Victims Of Negligence” is a great challenge due to its musical and vocal uniqueness. Imagine the darkened and haunting synthesizer passages found within Dimmu Borgir and Cradle of Filth’s musical compositions and mix that in with the downtuned heavy as hell death metal rhythms and rough yet clean male vocals accented by operatic female soprano-type singing makes for one fucking hell of a listen.

Surprisingly, the band only consists of two members, respectively: Sorroth (male vocals, guitars and bass) and Samotha (keyboards and female vocals). They did have a studio session drummer play all the drums and percussive parts on this eight tracker, which was great as they avoided using a drum machine, phewww!!! With just three people involved in the recording of “Victims Of Negligence”, they sound as if they were a six-piece unit, fucking outstanding, yes.

I love this release, but my only complaints here is that this album is aimed at limited yet unique audience of obscure extreme metal fans, which good be a blessing and a curse. This could hinder the band’s progress onto becoming known within the international metal circles. And, they’re a two piece band, so what they’ve created in the studio would be impossible to replicate live unless they’ve a full band, which would definitely to the band great justice in giving the band decent tours, at least around Europe.

Don’t get me wrong, this CD is a killer release and definitely stands the test of time within the halls of extreme metal as Dark Man Shadow do not sound like anyone. They’re onto doing their own thing and they’ve certainly succeeded that and also gained me as a fan, for one.

Dark Man Shadow is highly recommended for fans of death/black metal hybrids featuring vocals that are tastefully and aggressively emotional yet hauntingly mesmerizing to the ears. [Schwarzdorn]     Sarjoo Devani


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