Dalkhu – Descend Into Nothingness

Dalkhu - Dsecend Into Nothingness

Dalkhu - Dsecend Into Nothingness

Dalkhu – Descend Into Nothingness

This duet known as Dalkhu hail from Slovenia, and play an old school yet modern style of death metal, with unique and catchy guitar interchanges that’s sure to leave your mind in confusion on “Descend Into Nothingness”.

The atmospheres created on this album are not done with synths or use of any other effects, as the unique guitar riffs and body pummeling rhythms just hits you in the face like a huge tidal wave. These guitar rhythms and riffs create the unique atmosphere and the awesome sound on this album. The drumming too, is quite well done, as the different tempo changes feel like a blows coming from a boxer high on crack. And the vocals, they’re a variation between deep growls and a low deathly grunt, which really brings out the demonic nature of all seven songs here. Dalkhu is no way an experimental band, but it is there unique approach to tackling such darkened lyrical themes with an original approach to writing brutally aggressive songs with such a visceral vibe.

“The Fireborn” has an epic and victorious feel to it, with its sadistic guitar assaults backed by some blistering drumming arrangements. When you put these two extreme elements together with the morbid growls here, you’re presented with some of the best European death metal you can experience.

“In The Woods” has some old school heavy metal guitar influences incorporated with some odd time signature percussion work and triumphant-sounding guitar rhythms. The bestial vocals too, along with the blast beats found on this song are vicious to the point of decimating everything in its way. I can just see images of a whole armada being crushed with the immense auditory genocide found here.

“Descend Into Nothingness” is superbly varied collection of some the best extreme death metal vocals, guitars, bass and drum playing to ever grace an album of Dalkhu’s calibre.

For extreme metal fans wanting to experience something new and refreshing, look no further, as Dalkhu has the best of old school death metal and touches of modern day extreme metal brutality. Highly recommended checking out.      Satanath Records     Sarjoo Devani

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