Curse The Flesh – Black Majesty (Blackened Death Metal album review)

Curse The Flesh - Black Majesty

Curse The Flesh - Black Majesty

Curse The Flesh – Black Majesty

Curse The Flesh play a melodic and haunting style of blackened death metal on their debut release “Black Majesty”, and it goes to show, this bunch is out for the unsuspecting listeners’ blood.

The eight songs on this almost 45 minutes release is full of evil and ungodly passion for all that is dark and satanic. At times, their bestial, darkened music reminds of Epoch Of Unlight, early Samael, and Forest Of Impaled with its all out blackened, deadly assault.

“Black Majesty” does not have any breathers here, so be prepared to go on a ride of terror, torture, mind altering wickedly executed guitar rhythms, head splitting drumming, and vocals that’ll leave you naked and cold in the dead of night. “Marionettes” comes hurling at the listener with its war cry-like guitar passages, tied in with solid and bombastic snare and bass assaults that’ll shatter any living being’s will.

Curse The Flesh willfully imposes their negative energy layer after layer, with imbedded messages of hatred and sadistic ill-willed chatter, it’s sure to fill the air around you with an abundance of dread.

“I Call Down Horrors” is another interesting song with its light snyth parts meshed in with the horrific rhythms and vibes of death all around.

What makes Curse The Flesh interesting to listen to is their ability to keep the music chilling and bleak yet backed by varied melodies to leave your head in a complete tailspin of mental debauchery.

However, I was not too impressed with the production on this album, as the sounds come across very thin throughout the eight cuts found here, and feel their overall sound could benefit from a much punchier production. Check it out if you’re into old school black and death metal, as this group possesses plenty of potential…   Sarjoo Devani

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