Curse/Styggelse/Wan – Necroholic (Black Metal Split EP review)

Curse Styggelse Wan - Necroholic split EP

Curse Styggelse Wan - Necroholic split EP

Curse/Styggelse/Wan – Necroholic

This split EP features 12 cuts of sadistic and horrendous black metal from underground elitists Curse, Styggelse and Wan, which are sure to pulverize your ears.

The three different and much varied styles of black metal found here share one common theme, stay true to the underground and keep the ancient flames of old school black metal lit forever.

First band, Curse, heavily influenced by the likes of Motorhead, as they’ve covered their “Ace Of Spades” song, which Lemmy would’ve been so proud of the way it has been covered. Also, their Celtic Frost and Necrophobic influences are just unreal, as their evil spells come through so effectively via their four cold cuts of blackened death. This band is the type of black metal band you’d listen to when resurrecting the dead from their violated graves.

Second band, Styggelse comes at you with their raw and primitive emotions locked in the vault of all that is dark and sinister in nature. Their darkened vibes here bring images of an infernal hell and torture, as it willingly unleashes upon humanity. “Angel Bloodshed” and “Stay True To Satan For Eternity” remind of early Bathory and Venom mixed in with hints of Sodom, and this is an awesome old school black metal assault, which is so missed nowadays.

The third and final band featured here goes by the moniker of Wan, and this quartet play black metal meets death metal, with a shocking edge. The music of Wan is more in the vein of early Sodom, Kreator and Black Funeral. The music definitely has a death metal vibe, but the end result is a skull shattering war black metal feel to their five songs on feature here. The vocals are sure to warp your mind here, and leave you confused and searching for answers you’re not bound to find. Check it out and feel your immortality become real.    Satanath Records   Sarjoo Devani

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