CURSE OF THE FORGOTTEN – Building The Palace

Curse of the ForgottenThe Netherland’s four piece melodic death metal kill team collectively known as Curse OF The Forgotten has released is début album, “Building The Palace”, it smokes enough to blow the roof off of your head. Musically, the 11 songs on offer here feature solid, memorable guitar riffs and harmonies. The guitar rhythms along with the bass and drum assaults here make for one heck of a listen as you’ll want to bang your head against a solid brick wall (just do not try this at home)…

Curse OF The Forgotten is not doing anything new, but their songs feature so much depth and emotion, you feel as if you’re vicariously living through their cursed-like nightmares. I know this sounds too wickedly twisted and off the wall, but seriously, this quartet is very good at sucking you right into their music, as it is very convincingly executed.

There are no holds barred with the heavy as hell rhythms, traumatic, growl-like vocals just tearing your skin to shreds as you scream in pain. The drumming is pretty good as well, as it fits the very core structure of each song played on “Building The Palace”, which builds a solid foundation for the music. The production on this album is brilliant as all of the instruments can be heard with the utmost clarity, kind of invoking that live feeling. What makes this quartet shine on this album is the fact that they’ve so much chemistry between them, which only adds to the music’s multi-dimensional layers. I’ve now listened to this almost hour long CD at least 4 times and with every listen you here more varied musical passages that just grow on you.

However, I will give the band credit for not sounding similar to the countless melodic death metal bands within the extreme metal circles. “Building The Palace” is a very strong showing for a young band on the rise, and if this album is anything to go by; these guys have a very bright future in the music business.

Check it out, and you will see why “Building The Palace” is such a worthy release on my list of 2013’s best extreme metal releases. [Worm Hole Death Records] Sarjoo Devani


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