CROWBAR – Symmetry In Black

Crowbar-Symmetry In Black

CROWBAR – Symmetry In Black (CD)

New Orleans, Louisiana’s sludge/doom metallers Crowbar are back with their newest slab of hard pounding darkness and emotional torture, in the form of “Symmetry In Black”. This quartet is definitely making a bold statement with their newest release, in that they’re frustrated, yet ready to fight whatever life throws at them. Now is this extreme metal music at its finest as it is fucking real not fake, people.

The downtuned guitars come at you like a raging bull with the color red stuck in its sight, and just mows you down mercilessly. Kirk Windstein’s agonized vocals surely fit the depressive mood of Crowbar’s musical vision and therefore give the listener something to suffer over. As painful Crowbar sound on “Symmetry In Black”, this 12 tracker is a brutal and honest lesson in all that is depressive. Trust me, with one listen to the violent choking guitar rhythms of “Ageless Decay”, you’ll wish you were on Prozac tenfold.

Crowbar is sure to make you suffer here to the point of bringing you down on your knees, all the while you plead for mercy, staring into the black void of nothingness. This is not technically doom metal, but it certainly has that vibe to it, with the sludge-driven guitars and a melancholic vocal vibe found here. Just listen to Windstein’s clean and eerie singing on the 100% darkened “Amaranthine”. The clean arpeggios on this song will send hair-raising chills down your spine. I tell you, he is a damn good crooner, with so much passion in his vocals, you’re brutally convinced that Windstein is in severe emotional distress, and you too vicariously start to experience his painful emotions too.

The almost 1-hours worth of sludge, doom-filled melancholia on “Symmetry In Black” is the finest aural assault Crowbar has penned thus far, so check it out and bleed yourself dry. This is definitely in my Top 10 new metal albums for 2014. [E1 Music] Sarjoo Devani

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