Crest Of Darkness – Welcome The Dead (Black metal album review)

Crest Of Darkness

Crest Of Darkness

Crest Of Darkness – Welcome The Dead

Norwegian kings of horror-filled black metal Crest Of Darkness are sure to fill your mind with all kinds of horrific images of your bloody demise for the god of the underworld.

“Welcome The Dead” is a solid and vicious mélange of all things brutal, evil, dark, atmospheric, extremely lethal in execution, as is the case with “Welcome The Dead”. Crest Of Darkness play their songs with such negative and blackened feelings, whereby you truly think that you’re trapped within your uncertain hell, which we define as life.

Chosen By The Devil” plods its way through your speakers, with total despair and a chaotic assault of their music upon your auditory senses. With some spoken lines of heretic words thrown in at the middle and towards the ending part of the song, you feel as if you’re subjected to the most horrid visual fanfare of your existence. The spell binding rhythms and riffs here suck you into your speakers and grind you up like a filthy piece of meat.

The nine songs found on this album are loaded with plenty of heavy guitar rhythms and drumming fast enough to create a whirlwind of tornados in the fiery pits of hell. The music here at moments reminds of early Satyricon, 1349 and Forest Of Impaled, with its driving heavy and bombastic double bass sections. There are some thrash metal elements to be found within the guitar arrangements on this album too.

In contrast, the melodic guitar riffs and leads adds so much more depth to the all out vicious onslaught of the vocals and fatally destructive bass guitars, you feel every note played ‘til you fall over. “Scourged And Crucified” could’ve been borrowed from a Dark Funeral release, with its punishing rhythms and raspy yet suffocated vocals.

“Welcome The Dead” may not be breaking any new ground, but the level of evil passion and blackened energy felt here definitely puts them at the top of the black metal mountain. Crest Of Darkness is definitely worth sacrificing your soul for…       My Kingdom Music      Sarjoo Devani

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Check out the sinister morbid video for the title track "Welcome The Dead", which definitely sparked my interest and admiration for Crest Of Darkness.


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