Corporal Raid – Manipulating The Host (Gore Grind album review)

Corporal Raid - Manipulating The Host

Corporal Raid - Manipulating The Host

Corporal Raid - Manipulating The Host

This Italian group of sick minded fucks in the form of Corporal Raid play a very twisted, bizarre blend of gore grind/death metal, which defies all norms within the extreme metal genre of keeping this style of music brutal as hell, as there are some weird musical elements thrown in for good measure. This craziness can be heard on “Manipulating The Host” to its full potential.
With 16 tracks just blasting their way through in under 28 minutes, it speaks volumes and volumes about this bunch, as they’re dead serious about their extreme art, by keeping their songs heavy as hell, but bitter and short. The production is good, and you can definitely hear the atrocious sounds of death, murder, and acts of rampage just pulsating on this slab of ultra brutal gore grind at its sickest.
Corporal Raid is a trio, and with this comes three profane guttural vocal styles of extreme gore grind art, which is bound to fucking fuck you up so bad, you’ll wish you were not even born. Mentally, this album will and should take its toll on your mind, leaving you in complete distaste for the world we live in and the filth known as humanity, which surrounds our day to day existence.
All in all, I enjoyed listening to the mind numbing and soul obliterating songs on Corporal Raid, but it is something that’s not going move mountains, maybe cause some eye opening avalanches.
Check this CD out and watch your world turn upside down, all the while you’re still dangling by a noose around your neck.       Pathologically Explicit Recordings.      Sarjoo Devani

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