Concrete – Chambers Of Afterlife (Death Metal album review)

Concrete - Chambers Of Afterlife

Concrete - Chambers Of Afterlife

Concrete – Chambers Of Afterlife

Concrete, who hail from Bulgaria play old school brutal death metal within the vein of early Cannibal Corpse, remember “Butchered At Birth” and “Tomb Of The Mutilated”, if you do, you’ll be totally beaten and left for dead on “Chambers Of Afterlife”.

Concrete is not doing anything or even refreshingly beyond what was does 25 years ago in death metal, but they do it so well, you’ll feel as if you’re fucking dead and about to resurrect from your sinister slumber. The music on this nine track album is slow, fast, groove driven, but most of all, the guttural vocals are sure to severe your corpse in half, leaving you to do die in your pool of blood.

When I was listening to Concrete’s CD, I could swear that I was seeing what seemed to be like a horror flick of zombies rising from their graves and attacking the world.

“Chambers Of Afterlife” is sure to initiate images of horror and darkness within the mental recesses of your mind, and this is where that eerie cold feeling just creeps in under your skin.

The music is just fucking horrific in depth and strength, and it completely pulverizes the auditory senses, almost leaving the listener earless, haha. The sudden snare and double bass attacks are very caustic, and become highly flammable with the flesh ripping guitar rhythms and monstrous vocals.

Actually, I am looking forward to checking out Concrete’s next release, as they’ve probably matured as songwriters and musicians, and this record should see them devouring the world in a merciless fashion. This shit kills fast and very effectively…, so go ahead and enter the “Chambers Of Afterlife”.       Rebirth The Metal Productions         Sarjoo Devani

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