Colemesis – Viviseccion (Eclectic death metal EP review)

Colemesis - Viviseccion

Colemesis - Viviseccion

Colemesis – Viviseccion

Colemesis, who hail from Costa Rica, play death metal with weird atmospheres entangled in musical passages that conjure up images of the dead and the earth absorbed in total darkness.

The music here is surely within the old school death metal vein, but it is very hard to compare their music with that of death metal bands from the eighties and nineties. Two of the core bands, which come to mind here, are Gorefest and Deicide.

You can hear slight My Dying Bride influences in track number seven “Maldicion Malinche” , which has a very tripped out female dialogue with a male, sounding as if she is losing her mind and going insane. I had to listen to this seven track CD at least twice, before I could even begin to start plotting my review for “Viviseccion”.

From my second listening to this album, I’d definitely attach the words eclectic death metal to describe Colemesis’ style of extreme metal.

Their songs feature down tuned guitars that clamp down their bestial arms around your legs, dragging you to your shallow grave. Yes, as much as this sounds like torture, the music and vocals are an agonizing listen here, but it is death metal with ultra heaviness with hints of heavy metal, black metal and thrash.

The vocals at times remind of Glenn Benton of Deicide and the music takes on that of Deceased and Gorefest, which is an odd combination, but when you give it enough thought, it is a very rabid combination of styles combined.

Colemesis should appeal to fans of Deicide, Gorefest, Altar and even My Dying Bride due to its some doom-like elements.    Symbol Of Domination    Sarjoo Devani

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Check out the video for the killer title track "Viviseccion" from Colemesis, which is one of the highlights here due to its old school death metal influences.



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