Christ Agony – Moonlight – Act III (Atmospheric Dark Metal album review)

Christ Agony - Moonlight - Act III

Christ Agony - Moonlight - Act III


Christ Agony - Moonlight - Act III (reissue)

Polish cult, darkened and mythical black metallers Christ Agony have their classic opus “Moonlight - Act III” reissued through Old Temple records, and it is still an awesome, blasphemous work of dark art, which it was in 1996, when originally released.
There are six tracks of darkened, hellish, devil invoking black metal art here, which almost adds up to an hours worth of pure, satanic cult hell. Music-wise, “Moonlight - Act III” is a pure work of occult black art, with hints of atmospheric, mystical black metal, which brings to mind early Satyricon and Moonspell.
I admire the fact that Christ Agony creates such an intense feeling of darkness, which completely and silently engulfs the inner most and darkest regions of your mind. Their raw and unfiltered, blasphemous black metal just sucks your soul out of your shell and drags it down to the deepest and most horrid of caverns in the netherworld.
The opening track, an 11 minute assault of vicious spells and curses along with the spirit raping rhythm guitars and bestial vocal passages makes for one heck of a chilling experience listening to it at bedtime. The haunting, ghost-like male vocals gives this song an even more cold vibe to it.
Listening to this album brings forth visions of ritualistic Satanic sacrifices taking place in the forest of the tormented dead, and as you listen to this album from beginning to end, you feel as if your life is slowly evaporating.
“Moonllight - Act III” is definitely the very epitome of what eerie, cold and mystical dark metal with black metal elements should sound like. Check it out and be a witness to your own soul sacrifice to the horned one… Hail Satan!!!  Old Temple Records   Sarjoo Devani

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