Chaoswolf – Templo De Palabras Muerto (Anti-Christian Black Metal CD review)

Chaoswolf - Templo De Palabras Muerto

Chaoswolf - Templo De Palabras Muerto

Chaoswolf – Templo De Palabras Muerto

Chaoswolf play very, very raw and underground style of black metal, which is definitely not for Trendy ears, as the music and vocals here are sure to abuse your soul in the sickest of ways.

The rhythm guitars along with the blasphemous vocals spewing forth pure insults at all that is good, makes you feel as if you belong to some underground cult. “Templo De Palabras Muerto” is a very cult-like in atmosphere and is loaded with tons of evil vibrations to drive the listener to self-mutilation for the devil. The music found on this ten track CD does not get any darker or wicked in sound, as what is represented here is the truest epitome of black metal from the times long gone.

The vocals go from a raspy scream to dirty shouted moments of total frustration and insanity beyond comprehension. The vocals on here go really well with the hellacious-sounding music quite well, and the aura of complete darkness the album creates within the mind is very morbid, to say the least.

This album is a total black metal beast, which is highly influenced from the best days of black metal’s past, with inspiration coming from Emperor, Enslaved, Ulver, Opthalamia and Carpathian Forest.

However, my only complaint here, the mixing of the album and the overall production lacks that punch we’re accustomed to from such raw and brutal black metal. The vocals get lost within the buzzing guitars and the backing rhythms, and the drumming sounds very hollow throughout this album. The recording, unfortunately reminds too much of a garage band type of recording. So this is one aspect this band need to fix, and they’ll sound fucking brutal as brutal can get for a black metal band. Apart from this one aspect here, “Templo De Palabras Muerto” is definitely a true cult, underground black metal release, which harkens back to the glory days of late eighties and early nineties black metal.   Symbol Of Domination   Sarjoo Devani

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