CHAOS SYNOPSIS – Gods Of Chaos (Death Metal album review)

Chaos Synopsis - Gods Of Chaos


Chaos Synopsis - Gods Of Chaos

Brazil has always been synonymous with the Amazon Forest and some of its finest resort style beaches, well, Chaos Synopsis is about to change all of that with the release of their brutally twisted CD "Gods Of Chaos".

Musically, it has influences from some of Brazil's finest death metal bands in the form of: early Sepultura, Krisiun, Ratos De Parao and Rebeallion. There are ten cuts of some of the rawest and gut wrenching death metal that'll leave you restless and dead. Opener "Raising Hell" will move you like a maniac high on drugs, while banging your head to their machine gun-like  drumming and guitar assaults. "Black God" is totally mosh worthy with its blisteringly, hard hitting snare workouts and evil-sounding guitar riffs, which are sure to get the listener in the mood for heavy duty moshing.

Singer Jairo Vaz belts out all of his frustrations and just pushes the limits of his lung busting antics, and I tell you, he sounds as he is suffering from the miseries of outright existence. His vocals give Chaos Synopsis a very vulgar and sadistic feel, and you feel as if you're dying a violent death in the Amazon Forest, from a group of vile Piranha fish slaughter.

Guitarist Diego Sanctus has come up with some wicked sounding Slayer-esque solos, but with a darkened edge, and his rhythms give this band a very late eighties/early nineties death metal sound. I give these dudes props for playing a style of extreme metal not as it was once popular.

Chaos Synopsis is not for all fans of metal but should appeal to listeners into extreme forms of death and thrash metal for sure. Give them a try and see what makes these fuckers so chaotic. Defence Records     Sarjoo Devani

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