Cerebric Turmoil – Neural Net Meltdown (Death Metal album review)

Cerebric Turmoil - Neural Net Meltdown

Cerebric Turmoil - Neural Net Meltdown


Cerebric Turmoil – Neural Net Meltdown

Holy shit!! I could not help but shout out holy shit when I first hit the play button on my PC to check out “Neural Net Meltdown” from Germany’s tech death monsters Cerebric Turmoil. I surely felt their grueling and horrific compositions, which hit you straight in the gut, whoa!!.

Take the best elements of Suffocation, the now defunct Wicked Innocence, Necrophagist, and then you are completely brutalized by “Neural Net Meltdown’s” interweaving wild riffs and rhythm structures. You not only get to experience this sadistic mental torture, but you also get stripped of your humanity.

“Vile Effect Momentum” has some rabid-sounding vocals, more in the vein of growls with a shouted out style, and the technically driven riffs only spice up the morbidly sickened human dismemberment on this cut. Wait ‘til you listen to it, and you’ll feel this song’s unholy wrath of pure displeasure all the while you writhe in pain.

Their playing on this album is very solid and hits every nail hard on the head, as they play with so much emotion, you can definitely feel their negative energy, vibrations rise to their highest levels.

There are some very cool funk bass and guitar licks on the ill-written “Twitching Eye Staccato”, and what makes this interesting is the fact that they’re thrown in when you least expect it. Now this is what I call off the wall chaos and extreme music antics taken to the next level of mind-bending numbness.

“Discordian Equilibrium” has the early Cryptopsy feel to it, but with Cerebric Turmoil’s own style and sound.

It’s pretty cool to see a band such as Cerebric Turmoil can combine many unique musical influences to come up with some very entertaining and ultra heavy as a 2 ton rhino falling on your head. A little bit of Atheist influences can also be found on this ten track album, which is very cool, as the music features plenty of uncontrollable twists and turns. “Neural Net Meltdown” is very brutal, yet technically challenging in every bloody aspect, so move with an open mind. Amputated Vein Records  Sarjoo Devani


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