CEA SERIN – The Vibrant Sound of Bliss and Decay

Cea Serin-The Vibrant Sound of Bliss and Decay

Cea Serin-The Vibrant Sound of Bliss and Decay


CEA SERIN – The Vibrant Sound Of Bliss And Decay (CD)

Musically and vocally, Cea Serin is sure to please even the most demanding connoisseurs of progressive heavy metal music, as their newest album “The Vibrant Sound Of Bliss And Decay” crosses the boundaries of the extremes with that of the most melodic and progressive metal elements seamlessly.

This Louisiana threesome is so talented, you can hear their passion and fire in all five tracks featured here. Yes, five songs, but it is not an e.p. as these five songs add up to a good 48 minutes of the best progressive metal heard from the U.S. This being the band’s first album in ten years, it also features re-recorded versions of their two earlier tracks: “Holy Mother” and “The Illumination Mask”. Not familiar with their original versions, but from what I heard, I was impressed with the highest level of musical diversity and originality found on these two songs. These two tracks show you the band’s heavier side and also their breathtaking, awe-inspirational melodic guitar riffs, encompassed by uplifting synth parts. And the vocals go from a gruff, aggressive-laden style to a more harmonious hard rock style crooning. The other three songs here are just as brilliantly approached, bringing the listener into Cea Serin’s world of hope, fear, anger, and enlightenment.

However, one song to be made note of here, is their 20-minute “What Falls Away”, with intricately crafted rhythms, superbly put together unique vocal styles, unpredictable changes within the music, and off the wall tempo shifts. This is all presented within a solid 20 minutes of utter musical effulgence. I know 20 minutes for one-song sounds like too much, but trust me on this one, its varied styles and uniqueness overall could be composed of 4-5 different songs, but accurately molded together into one cohesive track, wow. How in the world these dudes achieved this incredible feat just blows my curiosity.

Lastly, Cea Serin is not the type of band you listen to once and get what they’re all about, as their music is a challenging listen, but when you do understand their stunning compositions, you’ve discovered the golden key to unlock their world of progressive rock/metal at its finest. Keep in mind though; their music will at least take a good couple of spins before you totally get into it. Cea Serin is blatantly awesome…      [Generation Prog Records]        Sarjoo Devani

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