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This being Candlemass’ 8th studio release, originally released in 2005, is a reunion with longtime vocalist Messiah Marcolin, and an impressive one at that.

Musically, it seems like they’ve not missed a beat and sound just as passionate as they did on their now classics: “Epicus, Doomicus, Metellicus”, “Nightfall”, “Ancient Dreams” and “Tales Of Creation”. Besides Black Sabbath having that dark, doom and gloom sound during their Ozzy Osbourne years, these four releases from Candlemass have defined the modern day, doom metal genre of today, and have influenced a myriad of doom and death metal bands the world over.

This self-titled release from these doom metal merchants is one of their most memorable releases to date, and with Messiah Marcolin’s singing here, it is nothing short of brilliant (unfortunately he is no longer in the band as of 2007) as his vocals are rich in harmony, powerfully delivered and persuasive enough to capture your attention no matter where you’re listening to it. It’s something about his unique vocals, which at times come across as mesmerizing and at others, very hypnotic along with their mood driven doom. Musically, there is a ton of variation within their music, as it gets tense, then it’s more atmospheric and haunting at times. This is the diversity I love as it breaks the total monotony of listening to music, which is constantly heavy and in your face or just too somber, where your body starts to feel numb.

“Assassin Of The Light” and “Copernicus” have that march of doom feel to them, with some Black Sabbath-esque rhythms in tow, and the vocals on these two send chills to your body like a dark cold, snowy winter. It’s unfortunate that Candlemass has been an underrated group, who definitely deserve more than fair share of creating a style of heavy metal with dynamics that keep their songs below freezing.

Last but not least, this album is reissued by Metal Mind Productions out of Polska, but despite it having a nice Digipac packaging, there were no bonus tracks or any rare photos in the booklet. Highly worth checking out and owning a copy of if you’re a fan of the band, for the only 2000 numbered copies issued. [Metal Mind]  Sarjoo Devani

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