CANDLEMASS – Lucifer Rising EP

Candlemass - Lucifer Rising

Candlemass - Lucifer Rising


CANDLEMASS – Lucifer Rising EP (CD)

Having always enjoyed singer Rob Lowe’s style in Solitude Aeturnus, I was mildly blown away with his singing in Candlemass’ “Lucifer Rising” EP, as his style pushed the band’s music with his powerful lungs. This EP was released after Messiah Marcolin left the band in 2007, and at that time I was thinking will this work, and after hearing this EP and then the full length later with Rob Lowe, it actually gave Candlemass a different edge mainly in the vocals department, of course, and it did work. Marcolin’s voice and style were always meant for Candlemass due to his more depressive and melancholic touch, but Lowe filled in the huge void left by the latter, and scored big with the three studio cuts featured here along with a live recording of the band with Lowe fronting, in Athens, Greece.

The three studio cuts: “Lucifer Rising”, “White God” and “Demons Gate” are heavy, with more of a melancholic feel to them. Robert Lowe’s vocals as melodic and harmonious as they are, just pushes the envelope for all members of Candlemass to strive even more musically. Lyrically, they are the masters at their art of doom and gloom, something you’d be more likely to hear at a funeral sermon. The interesting aspect of this EP is that these songs were written with Lowe in mind, so it would be pretty neat to hear Marcolin sing these tracks should he ever return, which I doubt will happen.

The live recording, with Lowe fronting the band during one of their tour performances in Athens, Greece was absolutely spectacular, because Lowe just blew me away with his singing on Candlemass cult classics: “At The Gallows End”, “Mirror Mirror”, “Under The Oak” and “Black Dwarf”.

On an interesting note, during the review of this reissue of “Lucifer Rising”, Rob Lowe is no longer in the band, so the future remains interesting or even uncertain as to what will happen with these guys. I certainly do hope they come back strong and with a new album. [Metal Mind]     Sarjoo Devani

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