CALM HATCHERY – Fading Reliefs

Calm Hatchery - Fading Reliefs

Calm Hatchery - Fading Reliefs


CALM HATCHERY – Faded Reliefs (CD)

Poland’s death metal quartet Calm Hatchery is sure to race by you with their Vader, Hate Eternal and Morbid Angel-esque inspired death metal. This death metal squad write and compose 1000% death metal with an interesting edge, plenty of sharp twist and turns you’d find on a scary roller coaster ride, and holding your attention throughout the nine tracks found here. Try listening to this music while seated on a roller coaster because you’ll fly out of your seat… Their delivery of some of the most brutal and hateful death metal known to human ears is a breath of fresh air, with their original sound, and songwriting style.

When you least expect it, they’re raping your ear canals with intricately constructed riffs and guitar rhythms that make you feel all-of-their intensity chord for chord. I am surprised my ears were not that beat up, hehe. You can only imagine how much power and speed their music is packed with, as it kind of explodes in your face the way they climb the heaviest of the heavy peaks and rough terrains within their songs.

Calm Hatchery is not breaking any new ground, but their style of interestingly crafted death metal is refreshing for a death metal scene gone so stale and stagnant within the last several years. It is good to hear an extreme band of Calm Hatchery’s caliber trying weird things and giving their songs a musical edge not likely to be found within the death metal scene of today.

With this in mind, it is highly recommended checking out this quartet with an open mind, with its killer tempos, guitar changes and horrid, guttural vocals, you’re going to be blown away into extreme metal music oblivion, which is prevalent on "Faded Reliefs". [SelfMadeGod]

Sarjoo Devani

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