Butcher ABC – North Of Hell (Grinding Death Metal album review)

Butcher ABC - North Of Hell

Butcher ABC - North Of Hell

Japanese death/grind maniacs, Butcher ABC are back with their latest release in the form "North Of Hell", a twisted words play on Slayer's "South Of Heaven", and musically, "North Of Hell" is more brutally violent than a nuclear warhead exploding.

They have named their songs after well known death, thrash and grind bands, such as Bolt Thrower, Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel, Carcass and Napalm Death. The songs, which take inspiration from these bands also have those musical influences to them as well, a totally well thought-out idea by these Japanese freaks.

Fans of death metal and grind, Butcher ABC is sure to wreck your mind with their vicious attacks on all five senses, leaving you severely impaired from all bodily functions. With song titles like "House Of Meats", "Maximum Rotting Corpse", "Death In Hell", "Death By Napalm" and the title track aptly titled "North Of Hell", you'll feel as if you're trapped in the most fire driven and corrosive depths of the abyss.

The sound is pretty raw on this 11 track affair, and kind of gives the feeling of them being live in your room, which definitely makes for a chilling listening experience. Fellow extreme metal brothers and sisters, Butcher ABC is like your worst nightmare coming true, and pretty much consuming your flesh and spirit alive.

Well, if you're into extreme mental and physical torture, this bunch will surely fuck you up bad. I promise you, you'll not even stand a chance of surviving their wrath of downtuned, grinding guitars with darkened emotions, extremely tortured, guttural vocals, and drumming that sounds like bombs going off in your head. Listen to it and die... 

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